What Web Development Does for my Business

You Need a Website for Your Business
You Need a Website for Your Business!

My Childhood

Since I was little, I have been dreaming of having a very large establishment which runs 24/7. My establishment will be made of firms, factories and offices, and will be my business. Seriously, I’ve got no plans to work under anyone. Yes, I need to be rich, but on my own. 

Ready, Set, Go!

Now, its about time. I’ve really got to get my great dream started, and nothing is going to stop me. I will establish offices all over the country and pull in customers without mercy, offer them services, and make sure they are satisfied- to ensure I get paid well too! I’ll run this dream to the fullest.

Wait a Minute – What’s Wrong?

However, after setting up my Media organisation, I discovered that other organisation offering similar services are doing much more better than I. They reach out and grab potential customers faster that I can get to them. Their services and name are well known to everyone while mine remains known to few- and even the few I have may be stolen away soon. Looking at all these, comparatively, I offer much better media services than my competitors in the media market. My prices are cheaper, my services are more organised with more reliable and experienced staff, and my offices are amazing beautiful and welcoming. Yes, I was better than my competitors, but they are obviously pulling the crowd much better than I do. What could be wrong? 

The Research – I Need to Know What’s Wrong!

I decided to carry out a research to find out what the problem could be as I was getting really frustrated. I paid highly skilled researchers to assess my business and let me know what was missing. All of them had the same result – my services were good, but who knew them? My offices were beautiful, but who knew the way to them? I could only reach out to those who were within the environment of my offices, and no further! They let me know that people needed my services, people really needed my help, but no one knows I was existing. This surprised me, but they let me know what I needed to do. I needed to have an online presence, so I could reach out to potential customers from all over and draw them to the beauty and professionalism of my services.

Business Planning
Business Planning!

Online Presence?

Today, we have businesses offering excellent services in various niches. Some business are unknown but offer the best services in their niches, even more than the ones that are known in the same niche. Had it been that these business were known more, the people would be offered better services and may even have to pay lesser. The world is changing generally, and is packing up itself to be a global village. Technology is developing almost at its peak speed and the way business succeed today have changed from the days gone. Before a business could have a large outreach, such business should really pay a lot of attention to online presence, as you can find almost everyone in the world online today. With an online presence, you could reach out, and offer services, to people from other countries and states. The world contains billions of individuals, and I am convinced that you could get at least thousands to patronize your business, if you give your business and online presence.

What Online Presence is Right for Me?

Social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – exposes your business to a large number of people, which gives you the right exposure, but then the world still changes. Even the people who see your business online on social media will prefer you to have your base from which you operate. This means you will be expected to own a website, which contains detailed information about your services as well as your contact information. So, as much as social media is very important for your business, the truth remains that a website is more professional and ultimate.

Let's Do This
Let’s Do This!

Why a Website?

Your website could help you sell if you operate a shop. Customers could place their orders online and you will receive it, instead of calling your lines all day long which doesn’t look professional at all. Your school could get to upload their students’ results online without the traditional use of report cards. Your organisation should have a website that allows payment to be made online very simply without the stress and fuss of transfer of funds from one account to the other, and waiting up for bank alerts – that’s outdated. Seriously, a website will make your services appear so professional. What’s more? You will get exposure and turn potential customers into clients year after year. If you are serious with your business, then it should have a website to expand productivity.

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2 thoughts on “What Web Development Does for my Business

  1. Cool but i think advertising will expose my business faster. For example I can advertise on tv or newspaper or posters on the road. Dont u think so?

    1. These are media for advertising, but after you have advertised on these media, where next do potential customers go? Won’t it be more professional to write a website address where they know your business is based online and so they can access your services through their mobile devices? A website remains the best online representation, as customers respect a business with an online address better than those with none.


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