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We are an Internet based company capable of offering high-class and quality web solution at unbeatable prices. Our web solution packages enables you to hire us for your projects without breaking your current budget.

Every business and passion deserve a professional web presence for an enhanced target outreach and that is what we are here to achieve for you.

What we do


With our professionalism in web design, development and internet solution, we take your business and passion to the next productive level by the introduction of ideas for positive improvement on your existing expertise.


Your online presence functions same as your physical activities, and we are dedicated to ensuring that your projects have a core management system designed for effective product management and an increase in productivity.

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Our conclusion of your project do not mean that you are on your own, because we make sure that your requests for clearance and our assistance regarding certain areas of your project are quickly taken care of by our expert team.

Our Expertise


GoldenMars boasts of proficiency in website design and development, web application design and development and web backend services.


We got you covered through our experienced Android mobile app developers who will bring your idea to life on the OS that powers over 80% mobile worldwide.


Get a professional boost on your app idea by engaging our expereinced iOS mobile app developers for Apple, founders of the world's most secure OS.

As regards business, a well designed website will create an online branch of your business and enhance productivity in your area of expertise. And when it comes to a website that represents your passion e.g music, your online presence adds the motivation required to take your career to the next level. Do you want to know more? Let us improve YOU together.

Our skills

Offering web solution and creating online presence for your passion and business do not require web design skills alone. There are a couple other skills required for the completion of an exceptional and flexible web project, and we’re set to utilize every bit of it in transforming your business dream goals and passions into realities.

We have a team well equipped with the first-hand resource and knowledge plus skills required to achieve your project success.

Each category is rated 100 percent, and is handled by experts trained specially for that field.

Web Design & Development 100%
Content Management 100%
HTML 100%
CSS 100%
Javascript 100%
Web Security 100%
English Grammar Skills 100%
Percent Accurate Statistics
Satisfied Clients

You want a website or a blog or to improve your existing website? 

When you request a quote from us, you tell us everything you have in mind concerning your web design project in the available form, and we will send you our suggestion on the direction we feel your web design project should go. We will stand by you every step of the way.

We design

Blogs are basic news sites designed to share information. A blog demands regular update of content, news and information in order to up an engaged community. Blogs have easy-to-use control panels where the editor can easily update news, approve and delete comments and monitor statistics etc. An editor is called a blogger and usually shares first hand news and information alongside pictures and events. Blogging is really becoming extremely popular in Nigeria. A good blog should basically have

  • Good SEO optimization for the best traffic results
  • Easy to understand design 
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Advert space – for the blogger to earn money
  • Comment box (Registration and Login features active)
  • Logo
  • Good Traffic (with good SEO and regularly updated and interesting content, a traffic of about 10,000 page views and 2,000 unique visitors daily is achievable in about 6 months

..just basically.

Learning is better when flexibility is involved. Do you have a school? You should also have a website in order to encourage a very wide audience reach. School websites also give your school a standard appearance in the eyes of prospective parents, and indeed, the students themselves. A good school website should basically have

  • Information regarding the school – no one needs to call to ask questions, because all they can ever ask has been answered on the site
  • School portal – a development which enables the parents to monitor the activities of their children as updated by their teachers. Students’ results also get to be released on the website instead of the traditional “report” card document
  • Blog – for news updates
  • Advert space – the school owner could earn money from the website directly through advertising too

..just basically

You need a website for your company to expand your productivity.

You should have

  • Good website security 
  • Large web space
  • Official email e.g info@yourwebsite.com
  • Advert Space
  • Good SEO
  • Online Payment Gateway

..and more, really

You have a shop and want to reach out to a larger audience? Or you have things to sell but no shop? Research have shown that a lot of sales are made online, as people tend to buy their stuff online, as long as it is delievered to them, or to a pickup station.

Do you feel you have a strong personality and your Facebook profile is not enough to show it off? You can choose a personal website. The difference between a blog and this kind of website is the PERSONAL. Personal websites share information about yourself, while blogs share information on a wide range of subjects.

As long as your idea is not scam and scandalous, we will turn it into a website with a payment system that sends your money directly into your bank account. Top security is also our watchword when designing websites generally, and we will ensure that the same is implemented in your site. 

There’s more than what we have listed: bank sites, hospital sites, family sites, contract sites, travel agency sites, loan sites, marriage and birthday sites, events gallery sites, database, emails, SEO adaptability, IT development sites, web applications, and lots more! Just tell us exactly what you need in your quote because the list is inexhaustible.

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